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Nonini Hails Matatu Culture For Supporting Kenyan Music


Pioneer Genge Artiste Hubert Nakitare commonly known as Nonini has heaped praise on the Matatu industry as the sole conveyor of Kenyan music during the yester years when radio stations had not fully embraced Genge music in the absence of social media networks such as Facebook, Spotify and YouTube among others.

Taking to his social media platforms Facebook and Instagram, Nonini shared his portrait artwork embossed on a matatu while reminsing the tough journey of gaining acceptance as an entatainer using the urban Sheng lingua.

“20 years ago when radio stations were reluctant to play Genge music sabu tulikua young kids from Eastlands rapping in Sheng! Oh and other productions from the better part of Nairobi had signed under the table contracts to play only certain types of music on radio, with no Social media, No streaming services (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music Etc). We had to find another way to get our music to the masses, “said Nonini.


 Radio Stations On Wheels

True to his word, they had to find a solution and Matatu Culture also reffered to as Matwana ‘Manganya’ solved the puzzle. The Manzi Wa Nairobi rapper reffered to the sector as ‘Radio Stations On Wheels’ for their immense contribution on the growth of the Kenyan sound.

The Matatu was their distribution point,dozens and dozens of cds and mixtapes were given freely for airplay.The artist’s market share also grew with the graffiti of their images heavily displayed on the ‘radio stations on wheels’.

“We had only one option :Matatu Culture Matwana Matatu Culture mixtapes before CDs and distribute them for FREE kwa” Manganya” these are our rolling radio stations on Wheels and they used to blast strictly Home grown Music. They are very much part of the Hip Hop Eco-system with diverse graffiti designs featuring Kenyan Celebrities, Hip – Hop artists, International pop stars, sports stars and athletes, ” added Nonini.

With two decades in  music, Nonini is still very active in it. He’s credited with grooming boy band P Unit, fast rising rapper Kapnea is also under his tutelage.His diversification saw him launch his clothing line ‘Mgengetru Brand’ which also boasts of a shoe line.A talk show host, Nonini runs ‘Rhymes Na Nonini(RNN) on his YouTube channel and has interviewed lot’s of Kenyan creatives from Majimaji,Juliani and Kitu Sewer (Mashifta) among others.

By Steve Osaka