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  • Nonini and Nyota Ndogo with a Valentines special “Nibebe” remix.
  • The song was done by the duo 19 years ago.
  • Prolific music producer, Lucas of Ogopa DJs has worked on the new piece of art.

Pioneer genge star, Nonini has teamed up with Nyota Ndogo for a remix of their hit “Nibebe” as a Valentines special gift.

The song was originally released in 2005 and is lovey-dovey as two lovers celebrate love and affection despite life’s challenges.

It’s a fusion of Swahili and Taarab with Nyota Ndogo adding the sexual appeal with her melodious voice. Nonini keeps it lively with the masses in his signature urban lingua, Sheng.

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When the song kicks off, Nonini provides the intro with Nyota Ndogo sliding in with the catchy sing-along chorus.

“Nakupenda sana sitaficha, kama kupenda ni makosa sitakuwa sawa duniani, Kwani kupenda sio siri, wengi wakiyaona kwa macho” she sings partly.

Despite Nyota’s lyrics remaining unchanged, It has a new vibe and one can tell by listening to her rich voice.

The song’s Producer, Lucas of Ogopa DJs also did some great works by injecting some new flavor, the instrumentation, the strings clunking is out of this world.

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Nonini’s Fresh Verse

As Nyota Ndogo winds up the first verse, Nonini emerges with a totally fresh verse unlike Nyota Ndoga who stuck with her previous lines.

With love in the air, Nonini notes that the evening is about to happen with a sweet and exotic treatment.

The former Calif Records rapper describes Nyota Ndogo with the latest model of Range Rover Velar. He perfectly picks his words with a well thought rhyme scheme.

“Mtoto kwangu  wewe ni ka Range Rover Velar baada ya harusi nakuingiza massage parlor, ma Almond oil ndio zinacheza mwili zetu huku zikiteleza, mriambez unaweza nipe supu ya pweza” he raps partly.

As he finishes, Nyota Ndogo returns with the chorus as Nonini injects an interlude. Nyota Ndogo then proceeds with her onslaught as the song dies out.

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The new piece of art is part of Nonini’s tease to his upcoming album set to drop later this year.

Nonini and Nyota Ndogo have also previously worked on “Wanawake” which is a tribute to hard working women.

February 14, 2024

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