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  • Nonini has reacted to a recent tweet that he’s gone broke and languishing in poverty.
  • Many have since noted that there’s a section of netizens spreading unconfirmed allegations on artist’s in regard to Nonini.
  • Nonini relocated to the US where he’s carrying out his businesses with music on the sidelines. 

Pioneer genge star Hubert Nakitare popularly referred to as Nonini has reacted to allegations of going broke and languishing in poverty.

The former Calif Records rapper, took to his social media sharing a screenshot of a conversation about him by netizens.

The broke rumors were captured on X formerly twitter with the user picking on Nonini living in a deplorable state.

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It further added that most celebrities are living a fake life while suffering in real life.

“Moving to Ruaka taught me some crazy things.

That Kenyan celebs are just normal people.

In fact, most of them are actually suffering and pretending to live large” tweeted a user known as Anyungu@AnyunguWanyungu.

It was at this point that another user with the handle 911 Willy Wonka noted that he met Nonini in Nairobi’s Ruaka estate strolling in slippers and unkempt.

“Last week nilipatana na Nonini, stage ya Ruaka akiwa na slippers ameparara mbaya” tweeted Wonka.

Nonini’s reaction seemed of a man who was dumbfounded by the allegations while he was living his best life miles away from home.

“Watu wangu wa Ruaka mko sawa? X is a special place!” captioned Nonini alongside the screenshot.

A screenshot of the said conversation PHOTO Courtesy


Fans Reactions

The development saw Nonini’s commentary section flood with reactions after the other.

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Many have since opined that there’s a section of netizens spreading false allegations regarding artists whom they know nothing about.

We sampled a few of the reactions below.

“Some people have to just say something that kind of demeans others… I can bet Mgenge2ru is not a struggling Kenyan just by his glow but it is the society we live in and people gone say whatever”

“Nonini Mgenge2ru the summer bunny in Ruaka… Ngori boss! Ile ombitho(weed) Wonka amevuruta(smoke) ni bad news”

“Eti huyu sasa ndio anaishi Ruaka na alikua ameparara wakenya wengine hawananga akili wana reason kama mifugo”

Nonini relocated to the US where he lives with his family doing music and business on the sidelines.

Recently, the Manzi Wa Nairobi rapper added trendy slides to his Mgenge2ru apparel.
















November 22, 2023

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