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  • Genge star Nonini drops banger inspiring youth to use proper money-making channels.
  • Hustle Clean, dropped just a week ago is already enjoying a clean 1.5 Million on YouTube, having clocked a million within 5 days after its release..
  • Hustle Clean also happens to be Nonini’s first ever music video to hit over a million views in such a short period of time.

The latest tune by the celebrated US based Genge star Hubert Nakitare popularly known as Nonini is continuing to enjoy massive support as it keeps descending on the ears of listeners.

The official music video of this masterpiece bearing an inspiring message to the youth was dropped a week ago, and just five days after its release, the tune dubbed ‘Hustle Clean’ had already clocked over a million views on YouTube.

Speaking on a phone call interview on Ghetto Radio’s Dundaa, the Genge legend broke it down on the crafting process of ‘Hustle Clean’.

To his surprise, most of the callers had voted the tune as a 12/10, “Wacha? Kali!!! Wamedai hivo? Noma! Nashukuru sana manzee.Yaani kukuwa kwa hii game hizo miaka zote na bado watu wanakubali mziki, niko humbled sana.”

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While commenting on his longevity in the music industry, the Keroro hitmaker thanked his fans for appreciating his music throughout the years, pushing him to keep releasing bangers.

“Lazima tukwame. Nashukuru mafans wangu bado wanani appreciate na bado wananikumbuka ni noma kukuwa kwa hii industry hizo miaka zote so mi niko tu humbled sana.”

Youth to Chase the Bag in Legit Ways

Nonini shares that the tune has just been sitting pretty in his archives waiting for the perfect timing to release it.

“Hii ngoma kitu funny niliandika just after Covid vile tulikuwa tumetingiwa na Uhunye. Nimekuanga tu nayo kwa archives yaani natafuta the right time ya kuitoa yaani mi hutoa ngoma na feeling Ile feeling niko nayo, watu wanafeel aje hapa nje so nilikuwa nafeel hii ndio the right time ya kuitoa.”

In verse two of the tune, he touches on the 2020 KEMSA Scandal, while advising the youth to pursue legitimate jobs be it self-employment

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“Ukiskiza hapo verse two naongelea story ya Covid, scandal ya KEMSA ilikuwa noma. Mi natry tu kuinspire vijanaa hustle ikue clean sababu mi ni entrepreneur mi hupiga hustle zangu.”

Hustle Clean also happens to be Nonini’s first ever music video to hit over a million views in such a short period of time and he was thrilled for achieving this milestone.

“We unaona mambo ya Jah Jah? Sijawai kuwa  na video imepiga mita moja in five days kwa maisha yangu.”

Watch Hustle Clean’s Music Video Down Below:



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