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  • Nonini’s slides brand excites netizens.
  • They come in different colors from black to white with the Mgenge2tru logo emblazoned on them.
  • The slides brand is an addition to Nonini’s apparel which includes sneakers, caps, t.shirts, hoodies and baseball jackets.

Pioneer Genge star Nonini has excited netizens with his stylish slides brand from his Mgenge2tru line.

The fashionable slides come in different colors with white and black already hitting the market.

The part that covers the feet is emblazoned with the now popular Nonini’s logo ‘Mgenge2Ru’.

According to the Manzi Wa Nairobi rapper, the slides offer both style and comfort and are suitable for indoors and outdoor set-ups.

The rapper added that the new slides were already selling like hot-cake with 100 pieces already ordered.

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In one of his Instagram post’s while marketing the new acquisition, Nonini affirmed that his only weapon in silencing haters was going the extra mile.

“Grind mentality was my only survival mode when they constantly wrote me off you double it up” he wrote partly.

A pair of the stylish slide brand PHOTO Courtesy


Fans Reactions

With netizens drooling over Nonini’s slides brand, we sampled a few of the reactions.

“They look amazing”

“These actually look dope”

“Money moves…Nonini”


“I need one bana site ya ku order ni gani”

“I would definitely buy for the culture and for the country”

Mtemi Afrika rocking Nonini’s Mgenge2tru cap during a past interview at Ghetto Radio Studios PHOTO Courtesy


The Mgenge2tru Merchandise

In Kenya Nonini leads the pack of artist’s who own a merchandise brand helping in building a market share and visibility.

It’s one of the avenues that the artist uses to supplement his music earnings.

Nonini’s apparel include sneakers, caps, t.shirts, hoodies and baseball jackets among others.

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Not long ago, the US based rapper was on cloud nine when he shared a video of Kenya’s high flying rapper, Khaligraph Jones donning a cap from his wardrobe.

Nonini is still actively involved in music despite being miles away from home.

His latest releases are ‘one Day’ (Reggae) featuring Kevin Brown and Aleki Boom followed by Keroro Remix a collaborative effort with Mtemi Afrika.

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