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Normalcy return on the roads


Normalcy has returned on the roads just a day after the Matatu strike that saw Kenyans walk to work and some pay hefty fares for the few available matatu services.

StrikeMatatu operators called of their strike yesterday and apologised to commuters for the inconveniences caused yesterday

Those who spoke to Ghetto Radio News say that the situation on the roads has improved compared to yesterday.

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Some of the matatus are however still not on the roads for fear of being impounded over the Michuki rules.

Yesterday most Kenyans were stranded on the roads for long hours as most matatus were not operating in fear of the crackdown that started yesterday with the ones that were on the roads charging double the normal fare

The government has said it will not back down and the crackdown will continue until order is restored on our roads  saying they will not allow matatu operators to blackmail them by keeping their cars of the roads.