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Not All of Us Are Criminals, Boda boda Operators Cry

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By Allan Otieno

Boda boda operators now want the police and the public not to  view all of  them as thugs but to  deal with those engaging in criminal activities according to the law.

Speaking to Ghetto Radio News Charles Gichira  from Bodaboda Association of Kenya says that the blanket condemnation they are receiving from the law enforcers is unimaginable and has impacted negatively on their transport businesses and public image.

“Not all of us are thieves, goons or muggers the police should go for those culprits and deal with them according to the law,” he said.

Meanwhile they have asked the government to only deal with organised group to articulate boda boda issues claiming that there are so many imposters posing as chairmen of various unregistered groups for selfish gains.

“The National Transport and Safety Authority should take charge and weed out these fake groups that have brought a lot of confusion to the sector,” he added.

There has been concerns over rising number of criminal activities and lawlessness  being facilitated by boda boda riders across the country.


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