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Not all the eight youths shot by police in Industrial area were thugs – Residents

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Viwandani residents have now condemned the killing of eight suspected thugs along Lunga lunga road in Industrial area saying not all of them were thieves.

According to Jared Ochao, only one person by the name Joel Gakuro alias Uncle was a well known thug in the area.

He says that those youths were  hired by Gakuro just to go and help him load metals in one of the companies in the area, in what looked like a normal job agreement.

‘‘He hired them from Viwandani slums  so that those youths can help him load the metals in his canter,which they did …. and it was at that moment that the police arrived and shot  8 of them , four  managed to escape,’’ Ochao told Chetto Radio News.

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They are now calling for  thorough investigations into the matter saying that the decision to kill all of them was rushed by the police and was unfortunate.

‘‘This guy called uncle is well known for his unlawful activities,he sells water in Mbotela and other funny business many has suffered in his hands but the other group were only hired to go and load the metals, they could have arrested them,’’ he added.

Meanwhile the police have maintained that the eight were thugs, armed with two pistols.

The thugs raided a go-down on Lunga Lunga road within Industrial Area when an alarm was raised.

Police say the gangsters, twelve in number, had already loaded goods on a lorry when they arrived.