“I am NOT Going to Resign”- Nick Mwendwa

“I am NOT Going to Resign”- Nick Mwendwa

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By Wyclif Musau (Kapedo Junee)

FKF President Nick mwendwa insists he will not resign over CHAN 2018 flop saga

Football Kenya Federation, FKF Chairman Nick Mwendwa has insisted that he is not going to resign as he had claimed earlier because FKF was not responsible for the CHAN 2018 flop saga.

“Partly this is political and i think i spoke to a few people and i was very clear, i said that if this will be our responsibility, i will go and i have made that clarification, but for now i am not resigning, am not going anywhere because FKF was not responsible for the flop”, Nick Mwendwa.

Speaking in a press conference today Mwendwa said that he didn’t get the reason why Kenya was denied the chance on Saturday to host CHAN 2018, following the current political state of the nation, arguing that Brazil was granted the chance to host the World cup and it was not politically stable.

On the other hand Sports PS Kirimi Kaberia said that the ministry has promised to build 5 international stadiums in different parts of Kenya including Wote, Chuka, Marsabit among other places.

Kaberia added that he cannot blame the CS Dr. Hassan Wario over the CHAN 2018 flop saga as the ministry is set and geared to develop the sports sector in the country.

“I don’t think the ministry has failed Kenyans, the people that work in the ministry have worked very hard, and i think i will be unfair to water down the ministry to just a blame game, and i cannot sit here and say my boss did this or he didn’t do that, you don’t expect me to, however what i can say is the ministry is geared and is set in developing this, we will not stop, we will continue and we will deliver”, said Kaberia.