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Noti Flow and colonel Mustafa, the drama continues

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Looks like Kenyan Rapper Noti Flow and her alleged bae Colonel Mustafa may have hit yet another hard place in their relationship.

The two have had an on and off relationship in the last three years and as controversy would have it, their break ups have always been so publicized.

Late last year, Colonel Mustafa accused Noti Flow of being violent and abusive.

“She bit and scratched me using her fingernails, I remember there was a time I was ailing and she couldn’t take good care of me. I feared her to the extent that I had to hide all the kitchen knives in my house when we were about to go to bed” she said

Noti Flow on her part said they broke up because Mustafa lacks goals and vision.

“I broke up with Mustafa a month ago because he is not a serious guy. I gave him so many chances but he still messed up. He has no goals and ambitions,” Noti Flow said after their initial breakup.

Early this year however, Colonel Mustafa hinted that he is back together with Noti Flow and when Ghetto Radio chitchat reached out to him, he confirmed that they are indeed dating again.

Recently, Noti Flow shared a video of a male fan jamming to her latest song and another fan asked her not to thirst over him since she is dating Mustafa.

The petite lass however gave an answer insinuating that their recent re-union was short-lived.

“I saw him first please niachie huyu, we uko na uncle Mus(tafa),” wrote the fan to which Noti Flow responded with “Who’s that?”

This comes just days after Noti Flow called out Ochunglo family’s Benzema for getting pissed off at her after she refused to get intimate with him.

“I’m sorry to burst your bubbles but no we did not. Well, I almost did, I’m a grown up, I’m human, single & h****. I feel things but good thing, I listen to my brain and not body / heart, The n**** f**** around without protection, I wasn’t about to risk getting pregnant for a deadbeat or worse still contract diseases. I’m smarter than that (and that’s why someone’s mad). So beat it y’all” she said

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