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Noti Flow, Colonel Mustafa Break Up Drama continues



Colonel Mustafa recently paid the Ghetto Radio Chitchat zone a visit and had quite a lot to say about his ex girlfriend Noti Flow.

Now the two are not new to drama, the two had a nasty break up back in 2018 only to rekindle their love in 2019.

Towards the end of 2019 the two were once again rocked with a scandal, this time round Mustafa was accused of being gay.

Speaking to Ghetto Radio Chitchat Mustafa discredited the allegations saying that Noti Flow was only out to hurt him.

“We had issues in our relationship and she vowed to publicly hurt me. In fact the problem started after she realized I was talking to a certain lady friend. The lady once video called me when I was in the shower  and she saw the call. After that she became very violent, she bit me, went and checked my messages and concluded that I was dating the lady.” He said

Mustafa also pointed fingers at his ex saying that she took hold of his Instagram account and changed the passwords.

In her defence, Noti Flow now claims she dumped Mustafa over a certain sugar momy.

“I left him because of this woman who I realized was an old woman. She was calling, texting and even video called. I got pissed because I never even used to video call him but this woman did. So I answered his phone one day and we talked with the lady but she hanged up. I then checked messages, I was disappointed. They had been seeing each other.” She said

Mustafa however maintains that the said lady was just a friend but his ex blew the matter way out of proportion.