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Noti Flow Leaks whatsapp message of Benzema asking her for S*x

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Kenyan rapper Natalie Florence popularly known as Noti Flow has responded to critics claiming there is more to her recent collaboration with Ochunglo family’s Benzema.

According to the rapper she did not get intimate with the singer as many people have been claiming.

She further accused Benzema of sleeping around without protection adding that she did not want to risk her life.

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“For those of you insisting I fucked that fisi nigah, I’m sorry to burst your bubbles but No we did Not ? Well, I almost did, I’m a grown up, I’m human, single & horny, my ? feels things but good thing I listen to my brain & not body / heart lmao. The nigah fucks around without protection, I wasn’t about to risk getting pregnant for a deadbeat or worse still contract diseases lmao. I’m smarter than that ( & that’s why someone’s mad ? So beat it y’all. Ima keep my clean healthy tight pu$$y for the nigah that actually deserves it lol,” wrote Noti Flow

Noti Flow who is not new to controversy then went on to leak a conversation where Benzema is asking her for sexual favors.

The two recently dropped their collaboration dubbed ‘Foto Moto’ which has since garnered over 300K views on Youtube.