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Noti Flow Surprises Her Girlfriend With Car Ahead Of Birthday


Kenyan rapper Florence Kutoto popularly known as Noti Flow surprised her girlfriend King Alami with a brand new car, ahead of her birthday on March 25th.

The“Photo Moto” hit maker says that she used Sh. 1.5 Million to purchase the car for King Alami due to the love she has for her.

“I surprised my gal with a brand new Volkswagen. Her birthday is on 25th but I couldn’t wait@kingalami__01 I love you so much baby. 1.5 m is nothing compared to the love I have for you. I’d give you all my wealth if I didn’t have responsibilities.” The rapper wrote on her Instagram post.

Prior to the car gift, Noti had penned down a beautiful message for King Alami on women’s day which was celebrated a few weeks ago.


The message read, “All my life I searched left right & center for that one true love. I’ve dated boys with the hopes of loving and staying with them forever only to end in vain. I’ve been used, heartbroken and abused in my previous relationships. I was broken, wounded and hopeless. I didn’t believe love existed anymore. But then I met this girl. She changed everything! She showed me the true meaning of true love, loyalty, friendship, perseverance and supporting one another in every situation. I didn’t believe in soul mates till I met her. I kissed so many frogs only to realize she’s the prince @kingalami__01 My king , my best friend, when you’re with me I’m ok, I’m strong , I can handle anything & everything.”

By Stella Anyango