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• Noti Flow apologizes to Ex-Mustafa hours after shading him over his current status

• She had thrown shade at Mustafa saying she used to fund his lifestyle

Rapper Noti Flow has apologized to her ex-boyfriend Colonel Mustafa.

Mustafa recently went viral when a video of him doing construction work(mjengo) did rounds online.

Noti Flow then claimed that she used to fund the singer’s lifestyle when they were in a relationship.

“It’s s so funny when you are dating someone and they look all good and sexy and awesome but then girls come to ruin what you have and try to take the person. Little do they know you are the one making them look like that.

~Noti Flow

“People get confused by the fame, the attention, and then they go around cheating.” She adds.

Speaking about his situation, Mustafa said he was working hard to get money for his mother’s treatment.

His mother is diagnosed with cancer. Noti Flow has since apologized for being a troll, saying she did not know about his mother’s illness.

“I’m really sorry about your mom. I honestly didn’t know at the moment. & When someone told me on the live I was deeply sorry & took back my words But of course, blogs can’t post the good part. That’s not something I’d wish on my worst enemy, & you’re not my enemy. Again, I’m so sorry. Praying for her.”

~Noti Flow

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