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Notorious thug arrested in Kisumu


By Jacob Oluoch

Police in Kisumu have arrested a suspected notorious thug linked to stealing from passengers plying CBD, Manyatta route.

Elly Oloo who has been working as a tout on number 9 was arrested after he was found with items stolen from one matatu he was working on.

Francis Aluko a Nyumba Kumi member was arrested say that the suspected thug is notorious in the area who has been terrorizing residents.

“I have known this man as a conductor and people have been complaining about his behavior. He has a tendency of stealing from people before fleeing to his home in Gem, Siaya County. Once everything calms down he returns,” said Aluko.

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“The latest incident is when he stole from a driver and when he learned that we were looking for him, he fled for two months. On his return, we got an alert, moved with speed and arrested him,” he added.

Aluko further says that the suspects is known all over Manyatta A for his behavior.

“All along he has been stealing from people, as you can see his body very well. He has many scars on his body as a result of beating from the residents,” says Aluko.

According to Aluko the suspect Oloo have also complained saying that he has been stealing from them.

“I’m happy that even his parents are not supporting his behavior because he has even been stealing from his parents and fleeing back to Kisumu,” he said.