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Notorious Thug Behind Spate Of Rapes Arrested


Residents of Manyatta, Kisumu County yesterday evening attacked a notorious thug who was caught attempting to rob an area resident.

The notorious thug known as rasta was with three other thugs who allegedly tried to steal a bicycle and a mobile phone from the resident.

Eyewitnesses say that the victim however fought back and repelled the other three thugs. He however caught one thug.

“They were three thugs who were trying to rob a phone a bicycle from a resident. Apparently the victim fought back and managed to catch one thug,” George Onyango an eye witness.

The 7 pm incident then attracted a number of residents who went and attacked the suspected thug.

Onyango says that Rasta has been behind a wave of crime that has seen gang members break into house, steal and even rape women.

“The thugs usually break into people’s houses at night, steal electronics and rape women,” stated Onyango.

The suspect was however rescued by police officers who were conducting an operation in the area.

According to Onyango at least five to six cases of crime are reported every week in Manyatta and Nyalenda areas.

“Cases of crime in Manyatta have risen. In a day we usually get five to six of such cases. Today the police conducted a raid after alarm was raised by the public,” he stated.