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  • Tik Toker Ntazola Gloria loses her account after exposing how police officer harassed her by trying to board her car without her permission.
  • She urges her fans to follow her on her new account.

Tik Toker Ntazola Gloria loses her account today after a video of her went viral in an incident of a police officer forcefully trying to board her car without her consent.

In the video, she was heard complaining why the police officers are making the lives of Kenyans to be so difficult by doing unnecessary things to Kenyan Citizens.

Gloria Ntazola the TikToker. PHOTO Courtesy

She reported earlier today that her tik tok account has been banned following the incident.

Recent incident

This comes after a similar incident event occurred where city council interfered with a lady’s business in town.

City council knocked down and threw Quinter’s tray of smokies and eggs to the ground which caused commotion online.This made Governor Sakaja  to apologize to her with ten thousand shillings.

The President of comedy Erick Omondi came to the rescue by raising five hundred and fifty-six thousand Kenyan shillings for her to start a better business.

Reasons for her lamentation

Addressing Governor Sakaja on her new account she said Sakaja should address the police officers not to stress people because they are facing difficulties in their lives due to Kenyan economy.

”Governor Sakaja you are the boss of these people. I believe they take orders from you. Tell their boss to make them not to stress us. Let’s try to make ends meet. I was parking my car; I was just doing the right thing. decided to teach him a lesson because it is not a good thing. Mtu anaingia ndani ya gari yako without your permission wewe unaweza feel aje?.” She spoke.

She added that the government should deal with the corrupt leaders who are stealing from the citizens and not to mistreat them.

”Mmetuongezea cost of living and these goons are behaving so badly yaani wako na tabia mbaya and they think they can harass anybody”.

”There are serious criminals in Kenya,corrupt politicians,why don’t you go for them?You want to go for people wenye wanauza mayai kwa barabara. Those people at least they are doing the right thing. Nyinyi mnaiba pesa mnatuongezea bei ya mafuta kila siku and you want to come and dance inside my car, and you don’t know what i did to get that car.’ she added.

She emphasized that those police don’t know how to handle people and they should be trained on how to handle people.


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