NTSA Denies Renewal of Bolt’s Operation License over Unauthorized Booking Fee and Other Grievances.

In Summary:

• NTSA has denied to renue Bolt’s taxi cab operations licence.

• Drivers call in and claim that the additional booking fees are a frustration to their way of life.

• Bolt cokes out with an official statement in response to the restrictions.

In a move that has taken many by surprise, the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) has reportedly refused to renew the operation license for Bolt, the taxi cab platform popularly known around the world. The decision is reportedly due to a series of complaints, most notably an unauthorized booking fee that the company had imposed on its users.

Background on the Dispute.

The contention revolves around a booking fee that Bolt had begun to charge its users, which apparently was not sanctioned or approved by the relevant authorities. Many riders and drivers alike raised concerns about this fee, questioning its legality and the lack of transparency in its implementation.

“I’ve been a driver for bolt for over three years, since 2017. No bonuses have been offered to us but we are forced to carry customers with discounts on their part regardless of fuel prices going up by the day,” said a driver calling in live on the GR drive show; Goteana.

In addition to the booking fee issue, NTSA highlighted other grievances and concerns that played a role in their decision. While the specifics of these complaints have yet to be fully detailed, early reports suggest they pertain to safety standards, driver vetting processes, and customer grievances management.

Bolt’s Response

In the wake of the NTSA’s announcement, Bolt was quick to defend its position. The company clarified that the booking fee was implemented to improve the platform’s services and provide a better experience for its users. They also stated their commitment to working closely with the NTSA and other relevant stakeholders to address the concerns.

“Bolt was issued with a Transport Network Company license, effective October 28, 2022, and has been fully compliant with the stipulated regulation to cap its commission rate at 18 percent for drivers using our application.” stated the Bolt spokesman.

Users and drivers are most likely to be the most affected by this situation. With Bolt being a significant player in the market, its temporary absence might lead to a gap in services until the issue is resolved.

Although competitors might see this as an opportunity to gain market share, drivers who rely on Bolt for their livelihood might face uncertainty until a resolution is reached.

October 11, 2023

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