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NTSA Investigating 2NK Sacco After 8 People Die In Accident


The National Transport and Safety Authority has launched investigations into the 2NK Sacco after one of its matatus was involved in an accident that claimed the lives of eight people.

A statement from NTSA say that it has dispatched a team of investigators from NTSA and the National Police Service to help with the investigations.

“As part of the Authority’s crash investigation function, a technical team comprising of investigators, inspectors and representatives from the National Police Service were dispatched to the scene to undertake investigations,” reads the statement.

“The scene has been documented to ascertain the cause of the accident and issue appropriate recommendations,” the statement further reads.

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The 2NK Matatu which was travelling from Webuye rammed into a stationary lorry killing all the eight occupants.

““It is like the driver panicked on abruptly seeing a stationary lorry and tried to swerve but the lorry ripped off the roof and the metals beheaded all the occupants,” Western Regional Commander Peris Kimani said.

2NK Matatu sacco is known to operate in the vast Rift Valley Region.

It is not clear how one of its matatus ended up in Western part of Kenya.