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Former NTV Gospel Show Host Faith Muturi Reveals Her Baby’s Sex


faith-muturi-2When you are a celebrity everything about you is our business. Your baby is our baby, and that is why fans of the Gospel show host cum musician Faith Muturi formerly of cross over  are an excited lot after  she announced the gender of her baby.

Faith who is a few weeks away from delivery has shown excitement all through her pregnancy actively engaging her followers on her journey as a first time mother and being newly married. Taking to her social media the elated ‘Karibia’ singer revealed that she is expecting a baby boy.

Her status read in part

“Heh!! New seasons can be really exciting. Sana tena sana. Can’t wait to meet this precious baby boy:))
Must admit I’m grateful he didn’t come on my bday- otherwise kuna vile ningesahaulika henceforth! Lol!
Will he resemble me or his dad more? Can’t wait to feel his tiny fingers gripping mine. Looking forward to cuddling him and singing to him.
??Yes- it’s a feeling in my heart, sio kama mapenzi ya kawaida, siwezi kueleza??I feel @Wahu!!

In one of her posts she spoke of how she was embracing the new changes even finding humour in the not so easy ones.

“Bonding with women, couples and family friends on a whole new level. Community has become real in a whole new beautiful sense. Learnt a lot from people’s shared experiences and gotten lots of care. As for the awkward questions like ‘Bado hujazaa, hajakuja?,..’ I am learning to take it easy & developing great comebacks for a shared good laugh! I told a friend last week- “Hapana, alikuja! Huyu ni wa pili!”

We wish the bubbly presenter all the best even as she waits for her bundle of joy.

Mukami Kanyi