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Nubians Clash With Matiangi Over Recognition Report

Nubian community has called on Interior Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang’i to come clean on report he released giving Nubians 50th code as a way of recognizing them as a tribe in Kenya.

The Nubians led by Nubians Rights Forum Chief Executive Shaffie Hussian, they want Matiang’i to publicly announce and gazette that they have been recognized as a tribe in Kenya and issued with code 50.

Hussein claims that the issuance of the code is political and will be lost once the election period is over.

“We acknowledge the report of the CS Interior, Mr Fred Matiangi to the parliamentary committee that has recommended issuing Nubians with code 50. However as a community, we are worried that this is a political move to uplift the spirit of the community during the election period and then the steps fade after elections, taking us back to square one. We wish for the process to be publicly announced just as it was done for the Hindus, the Shona and the Makonde because only then will we hold the duty bearers involved true to their word,” Shaffie said in a statement.

Shaffie also questioned the government’s intentions of not recognizing the Pemba of Kwale County.

“Recommendations to the parliamentary caucus included the Nubian Community and the Pemba community. We ask as to why the Pemba community is not being issued with a code. As a country, we need to stop oppressing the voiceless communities that do not have fair representation and give them the same status we give other privileged communities. We continue to call for the recognition of the Pemba Community in the report and ask that they be issued with a code,” Shaffie said.

He called on the government to fight for the rights of marginalized community in Kenya.

“We continue to remind the government of their duty to practice equity and equality in their duties to communities that are predominantly voiceless and oppressed due to their marginalized or minority status. We request, that the government also hastens the process of legal recognition for the Nubian community alongside the Pemba community and to do so publicly where we can hold them accountable to their deeds,” added Shaffie.

Nubians were previously recognized as the 43rd tribe in Kenya after the passage of the 2010 constitution but latter revoked.

By: Emmaline Owuor