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Nubians fear being locked out of sim card registration due to lack of IDs


The Nubians community now wants the government to speed up in the issuance of Identification cards to enable them register their sim cards.

Speaking to Ghetto Radio News, the Nubian Rights Forum Chairman Shaffi Hussein says that they have been discriminated by the government during the application process.

According to Shaffi there are older Nubians who do not have identification cards and will be forced to miss the sim card registration process.

“We have an issue with the ID sector. We have people who are over age for instance we have people who are 50 years and still do not have and Identification cards and all this is because of discrimination. Now how do they expect this people to register their line yet they are supposed to have an identity card. They will have to be forced to use their children’s identity card which is also a challenge and they will be forced to have their lines switched off,” Shaffi Said.


He went ahead and asked the government officials to treat them as Kenyan citizens and issue them with IDs.

“We want people from our community who are of legal age to be able to be given their identification card without being discriminated. We also want them to be given their identity cards in the correct manner without looking at the community they come from. I would also like people to treat us like other citizens because without doing so they are also denying us our rights,” Shaffi added.

They have also accused the government of violating the data protection policy by registering people in political parties.

“Every Kenyan should be given an opportunity to get an Identity Card so that they may be traced when in the wrong. The government is always talking about data protection yet they are the people who are misusing people’s data. If the government is not misusing people’s data, then how comes people are finding themselves registered in different political parties without them registering?” Shaffi told Ghetto Radio News.

By: Emmaline Owuor