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Nubians In Kibra Want Identification Cards, Fear Being Locked Out In Huduma Number Program


Nubians Community  members in Kibra slums  want the government to expedite the issuance of identity cards amongst them saying the process is discriminatory and if not  revised  many of the Nubians in Makina Kibra will  be locked out in the second phase of Huduma Number program.

Addressing journalists  today Nubians Rights Forum Chairman Shaffi Hussein wants the government to first recognise Nubians as a community in Kenya then the issue of the identity cards will be sorted.

According to him many will be left out in the second phase of Huduma Number program saying a bigger percentage does not have identification cards  .

‘‘The Kenyan Government is still down playing the need  for the recognition of Nubians as citizens and turn violating the fundamental universal rights that the community should be enjoying…we shall not accept this,’’ he said.

They are accusing the government of subjecting them to several vetting before any application is accepted a process he claims to be tiresome and discriminatory.

‘‘Right now we have about 500 youths and more than 30 elderly Nubians who applied for this document and to date they have received no feedback from the government,’’ he added.

According  to government they are doing the  vetting as part of security  measures.