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Nubians in Kisumu fault temporary court orders issued by court

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By Allan Otieno

Nubian community  members recently evicted from Kibos area in Kisumu County by the Kenya Railways Corporation now say that the temporary  stay orders issued by court to have them resettle again in the area have no help.

According to them the orders only allow them to build temporary structures yet the weather at the area is unbearable with daily heavy rains.

They fear that temporary structures will  be swept away with floods and stagnant water can also lead to water borne diseases and the spread of coronavirus.

‘‘The order will not help anyone. They ought to understand that we are in the rainy season and the temporary structures are not suitable.. They should also be aware that our permanent structures demolished and we have nowhere to go at Kibos,’’ they said.

Nubian Rights Forum on the other hand has asked government to resettle them saying they have been staying in the property for more than 30 years.

‘‘We have a law in this country that protects anyone who has stayed in a property for a given period of time. We should be compensated by the Kenya Railways,’’ Lobby’s chair Shafi Ali said.


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