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Nurses Union defends Governor Mike Sonko’s Pumwani visit

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Kenya National Union of Nurses has defended governor Mike Sonko’s recent actions at Pumwani Hospital  saying, people should be addressing the real issues not how the governor  handled the matter and his style of leadership .

Addressing the media the union secretary Seth Panyako  asked those opposing the governors’ move to stop diverting attention of the public from the mess at the facility.

‘‘When the governor came here he saw the problems himself  why do you address his  style  of leadership  while we have a mess at Pumwani and mothers and infants are dying?’’ Panyako lamented.

According to Panyako a special medical audit should be done at the hospital  and  stern disciplinary action to be taken  on  those found culpable for the deaths  of the eleven infants.

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He further faulted the Pumwani top management  for  negligence questioning how Pumwani has been losing  children through uterine rupture.

‘‘We want a special medical audit done by professionals but not political institutions like senators  and MCAs.’’ He stated.

Panyako wants quick measures to be taken by the county government  and the national government including harmonization to fix the mess.

The union also blamed former Nairobi governor Kideros’ administration for not implementing  their recommendations after alleged baby theft at the facility in 2015.