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  • Nviiri The Storyteller bids Sol Generation goodbye.
  • Nviiri spent 5 years at the Sauti Sol owned label, Sol Generation.
  • The Kitenge singer has since unveiled a new team that will be in charge of his musical career.

Nviiri The Storyteller has bid farewell to the Sauti Sol owned label, Sol Generation after five years.

In a statement via his social media networks, Nviiri shared his gratitude towards Sauti Sol and Sol Generation for the immense support that saw Nviiri’s talent illuminated to unimaginable heights.

“To our friends at Sol Generation Records and Sauti Sol, we extend our deepest gratitude for the role you’ve played in shaping Nviiri’s journey thus far. Your belief in his talent and unwavering support have been the wind beneath his wings propelling him to greater heights than ever imagined” partly read the statement.

The statement from Nviiri exiting Sol Generation PHOTO/INSTAGRAM

Charting Own Path

The statement further revealed that Nviiri was chatting his own path in music while looking forward to a great run.

“As we step boldly into the future, we invite you to join us on this exhilarating adventure, as we write the next chapter in the story of Nviiri The Storyteller.

With love, gratitude and endless possibilities, Here Is To The Genesis” summed up the statement.

New Management Team

Already, Nviiri has unveiled a three member team who will be in charge of his musical career moving forward.

  • Maisha Wirth(Manager/Visual Director)

She will be in charge of Nviiri’s artistic vision while offering the much needed guidance.

  • Jamie Alderson(International Manager)

With an eye in the global market, Jamie is tasked with ensuring that Nviiri’s music cuts across the borders far and wide.

  • Oliver Indiya(Assistant/Bookings Manager)

Oliver’s main job is running Nviiri’s tight diary by ensuring that every deal is met.

Fans Reactions

Nviiri’s exit from Sol Generation has since attracted reaction after the other from netizens.

We sampled a few below.

“Mtoto akisha kuwa unatoka kwa wazazi uanze kujitegemea”

“Sol inabaki na nani sasa juu next ni Bensoul”

“You can’t leave your soul”

“Success my G”

Nviiri is known for songs like Pombe Sigara, Niko Sawa and Kitenge among others.


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