In Summary

  • Nyako’s  M-pesa statements and financial transaction history realesed by Safaricom limited to unauthorized persons
  • An immediate  explanation for the dissemation of the information is required by Nyako.
  • The statement points out that failure to comply with the demands given a suit, will be insitituded against Safaricom Limited

Renowned content creator, Roseline Otieno, known as ‘Nyako’ on TikTok, has taken legal action against Safaricom.

The move comes after her confidential information, including M-Pesa statements containing personal details and financial transactions, unlawfully disseminated to unauthorized individuals.

The breach, which occurred on or about February 13, 2024, has caused significant distress to Nyako, impacting her privacy rights and posing financial risks.

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Implications of the breach

Roseline Otieno, known as ‘Nyako’/Photo Courtesy

As a prominent figure in the international content creation sphere, Nyako’s brand and reputation are at stake due to the unauthorized disclosure of her personal and financial information.

Legal representatives of Nyako assert that Safaricom, as the custodian of such sensitive data, failed to adequately safeguard it against unauthorized disclosure and misuse.

“Consequently, the unauthorized disclosure of her personal and financial information to the public, particularly to unauthorized individuals, not only compromises her privacy rights but also undermines her standing as a reputable brand and exposes her to financial risks.”read part of the statement.

They argue that this breach constitutes a violation of Kenya’s data protection laws.It  includes Article 31 of the Constitution of Kenya and the Data Protection Act.

Demands by Nyako

In response to the breach,Nyako’s legal team has issued a demand to Safaricom.

They request an immediate explanation for the unauthorized dissemination of her confidential information.

Additionally, they demand that Safaricom admits liability for breaching Nyako’s right to privacy, with the intention of quantifying damages.

Failure to comply with these demands within seven days will result in legal action against Safaricom.

The repercussions of such legal action could potentially have far-reaching implications for the telecommunications company. These includes financial penalties and reputational damage.


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