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  • Nyako’s deportation “Story Ya Jaba”.
  • She revealed that she would be jetting back to the country the weekend after new year.
  • The sarcasm in Nyako’s replies has led many opining that she’s taking people on a ride.

Nyako’s deportation from Germany has since been termed “Story Ya Jaba” or simply taking people on a ride after she sarcastically fired back concerning her alleged deportation.

In a recent video, the popular Tik Toker is captured engaging her fans in a  Q/A session.

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In one instance, a fan seeks to know why the Tik Toker appears aged to which she savagely replies that she has spent quite a good number of time on the planet.

“Mbona umezeeka” shot a fan.

“Eeh tena nikujibu kwa nini nimezeeka, si nimezeeka juu nilizaliwa kitambo, nilizaliwa zamani yawa” replies Nyako.

However, her feedback on her alleged deportation is the one that gave a hint that Nyako is probably fooling masses. The sarcasm in her statements left many in awe while affirming that she will be jetting back in handcuffs.

“Deportation ni when?” shot a second fan.

“Deportation ni next weekend, after New Year,  After New Year kaa rada nitakuwa nina arrive na pingu kwa mkono” she sarcastically fires back partly.

She did not stop there, she had other unprintable words to add.

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Fooling People

Nyako’s don’t-care attitude at a time she was begging in order to stay afloat after her tribulations is indeed baffling.

She had alleged that her accounts were frozen with millions of shillings and she was left with nothing.

Many seemed to have swallowed the lie all through.

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According to a section, Nyako has mastered her craft and knows how to wade through during this strenuous times.

We sampled a few of the comments below.

“Kwani hamjui sarcasm”

“It is not even possible for her to be deported”

“Hawezi kuwa deported haters mtangoja sana”

“She is very tactical with her begging”

Is there any truth in Nyako’s deportation?

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December 28, 2023

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