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Nyashinski speaks on life after quitting music

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Nyashinski has opened up about life in the States after he quit music back in 2006 and became a truck driver.

Speaking on his recently uploaded episode on Youtube, Nyashinski said life was a huge challenge but the whole experience taught him quite a lot.

“When we moved abroad, i had completely quit music. I was working back in the states as a truck driver, that experience taught me a lot. Two things that were life-changing for me back then was one, when i was here, i was a star. People recognized me everywhere and we were doing what we loved. I moved from a place where I was known and getting a bit of favors here and there to a place where no one knows me. No special treatment and you must work because you have to eat.” He said

He went on to add that life was very lonely and one time he met a friend who advised him to come back home and go back to the studio.

“That was coupled with the fact i was used to having people around me to a lonely life of driving a truck i accepted that this is my life. So back in the states, my friend told me to just go in studio and exert that pressure as a lyricist” he added


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