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”Nyashinski’s Mungu pekee is not gospel” Former Kleptomiac Says



Back in the day the Kleptomaniac made up of Nyashinski, Rawbar and Collins ‘Collo’ Majale rocked the airwaves and were a household name.

Years after the U.S tour that let to their split, it seems that all is not well for the former band members and friends.

Just the other day, Music Copyright Society of Kenya released a list of the highest paid artist in the country and former Klepto member Nyashinski was the second on that list.

However even as it is evident that Nyashinski is the only Klepto member that still drives the crowds former band member Collo has a different take on Nyash’s career.

During his comeback in 2016 Nyashinski dropped ‘Mungu Pekee’ that went on to top charts and was listed as a gospel song.

Speaking on Ghetto Radio’s Brekko, Collo however maintains that Mungu pekee is not a gospel song because it is not based on the scripture.

“That song is not a gospel song, it is not based on the scripture. For a song to be gospel it has to be based on the scriptures.” He said

Asked what a gospel song should look like, Collo responded with a song of his own.

“My song conqueror is based on the scripture. That is a gospel song based on Romans 8:37. Sauti Sol’s kuliko jana is also not a Gospel song. How can you say God loves you today better than yesterday? His love does not change.” He added

Collo also revealed that when he got saved, Nyash reached out for them to perform their hit ‘Tuendelee’ but he refused. He also maintains that given the chance to feature on ‘Mungu pekee’ remix he wouldn’t take it

“I would not jump in at the opportunity to do a remix for Mungu pekee because it is not scriptural.” He added

Nyashinski has however always maintained that he is cool with his Klepto brothers. Last year Rawbar was among those who accompanied him for his traditional negotiations in Nandy county. Collo was however a no show.

Collo is set to drop his first ever gospel album on 10th April 2020 at Chandaria center for performing arts.

He gave fans a sneak peak of what to expect from the album when he dropped his latest ‘Nibebe’ song exclusively on Ghetto Radio.