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Nyasuguta Exposed Badly For Allegedly Conning Jobless Kenyan Ladies.(Pics)


nyasugutaVeteran actress, Eunice Wambui alias Nyasuguta has been hitting the headlines lately for all the wrong reasons. I Make it Or Make it will better describe this lady if the allegations allied against her are true.

The actress who now runs an Agency-“Nyasuguta Global”, is on the receiving end following an exposure by a local tabloid about her allegedly illicit business of conning desperate jobless Kenyan ladies who end up as her victims.

According to the source, an anonymous lady sent an email ranting of Nyasuguta’s alleged fake promise of taking her to the middle east for a blue collar job only to end up as an unpaid secretary and her passport withheld by the ex Vitimbi actress for months.

“I have a problem and I have been trying all means but all in vain, this lady Eunice Wamboi aka Nyasuguta ~Vitimbi had an agent office for taking girls to the middle East, she took ma documents, passport and good conduct, she told me to work in her office as a secretary, I worked for two months she paid me nothing, later she asked me to give her kshs 7,000 to get me a driving licence yet I don’t know how to drive, she promised to take me to a driving school which she did not, later she told me I will go to Dubai as a family driver and I will be taught how to drive there, i failed to understand how I can go as a driver yet I don’t know how to drive,I was staying at her home place in Santons Kasarani. I got tired of waiting so I quit. I have been trying to ask her my documents and my suitcase it’s now 8 months. I am a single mother from a humble background,also the first born. My question is I owe her nothing why is she holding my documents, does she have a human heart really?? When I call her she don’t answer my calls, she sends me texts insulting me,even if I get a job they need a certificate of good conduct and she has it. All I beg for is for my documents I have suffered enough. HOPE SHE HEAR MY CRY.THANK YOU,” read the said mail.

The screenshots below also speak miles as more Kenyan ladies who fell victim of Nyasuguta also echoed the same.

Could this be true or cheap malice?

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