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NYC Kicks Off BBI Report Conversation With Youths


Conversations and insights  on the BBI report continue to take shape with the National Youth Council organizing a forum with different youth leaders to at least digest the report.

This follows the official launch of the Building Bridges Initiative report on Monday at the Bomas of Kenya,

NYC chief executive officer Roy Sasaka Telewa drummed support for the the BBI saying most of  the views youths presented before the task-force were captured.

“We have gathered here to give you a platform to air out what your views are, but what we must know is that we can’t be fully satisfied, we have mobilized youth across the county to analyse the same. Before the final report we will convene young people and have a common position,” he stated.

Among issues youths want ironed out is the 60 day payment period of the businesses done with the government, they have also requested the government to open more employment opportunities so that they don’t incur accrued  High Education Loans Board  interests.

“They  have said the tenders will now be paid within 60 days what worries me is that in the same proposals, we don’t have any sanctions measures,” noted Telewa.