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  • DP Gachagua delivers on his ‘Mchele Nyama’ promise
  • Residents arrived at Sagana State Lodge as early as 6 am
  • Police stop Migori residents from collecting gold deposits

Residents of Nyeri were treated to a lavish meal of rice and beef at the Sagana State Lodge today, fulfilling Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua’s promise made during last year’s campaign.

Gachagua, then a Member of Parliament, pledged that if William Ruto won the presidential elections, Nyeri people would have the opportunity to dine at the lodge.

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Delighted residents, who entered the lodge, left behind abundant food, a testament to the sumptuous feast.

“Sijawai ingia hapa Sagana, hii ni Mara ya kwanza kwa kweli….nimefurahia sana…hii mchele na nyama nah ii economy kwangu siwezi kula…lakini sasa nimekula na nimeshiba…asante sana…,”

A Nyeri resident said.

 Initially skeptical, they marveled at the chance to enter the president’s home and enjoy a meal there.

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“Mimi nilifikiria tu nimchezo wakati Gachagua alituambia atatufungulia gate ya Sagana lodge wakishinda,sasa nimeona ni ukweli, kwa kweli hiyo mchele na nyama ni mchele na nyama…nimewekewa nyama pale nikaambiwa sijawekewa ya kutosha nikaongeza…kwa hivyo nawashukuru sana….mungu aendelee kuwaongoza,”

another resident added.

The event preceded an interdenominational prayer service hosted by President William Ruto, attended by Gachagua and other Mt Kenya leaders.

Migori Residents Unhappy Over Police Presence

Meanwhile, in Migori, residents’ excitement soared as they believed to have stumbled upon gold deposits along the Rongo-Kisii road, currently under construction.

 Hundreds from the North Sakwa ward rushed to search for the precious metal, leading to a temporary halt in road construction.

“Gold imepatikana hapa.. tunatafuta pesa…nimekesha hapa usiku yote…tumekesha hapa na watoto wetu…jana niliuza gold nikapata 1600,serikali ituwache sisi tumepata nyama ya gold,”

Molvine Achieng from Migori said

 Police later intervened to restore order and allow construction to proceed. The area was cordoned off, and residents were asked to leave.

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