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Nyong’o Dismisses Presence Of New Cases Of Indian Covid-19 Variant


Kisumu County Governor Prof. Anyang’ Nyong’o has stated that Kisumu has not recorded any new Indian Covid -19 variant since the announcement of the five previous cases.

Speaking to the press, the governor says that immediately after the announcement of the five cases, his government moved with speed made sure that those who tested positive were Isolated.

According to Nyong’o only three more people tested positive for the variant bringing the total number of cases to eight.

They were however all put on quarantine to prevent them from further spreading the virus and have so far healed.

“Those suspected to have come into contact with the five Indian nationals found with the Indian Covid-19 variant were put into quarantine and in total those found with the variant were eight whom are all now have turned negative,” explains the governor.

“As I speak to you and the world today, there is no new Indian Covid-19 Variant. All cases have been confirmed in Kisumu since the last case be reported,” he added.

Kisumu is expected to host Madaraka Day Celebrations on the 1st of June.