Singer Nyota Ndogo has claimed that her life is in danger.

In a long post on her Instagram, she says that she first got scared when her electricity went off before being phoned by her neighbor, informing her that someone had invaded her property.  

The singer claims her two cars had been tampered with. 

She says she has been living in fear since a group of people invaded her house last week and broke into the two cars parked outside when the electricity went out in the neighborhood where she lives.

“About eight o’clock at night, my neighbor called me and told me that there were people around my house and the birds were crying a lot, but because of the darkness, we could not see anything even when we looked outside.

When we woke up in the morning, I found my VW car’s doors open, and they had thrown things inside, that is, they had opened it. I don’t know what they were looking for,” the singer said.

She added, “I went to check the BMW if it was safe and I found metal marks on the door. They went to the bonnet and tried to open it and they tried to open the metal. The bonnet beeps saying it is open and I have locked it.”

The singer revealed that since then she has been living in fear and anxiety to the point of having sleepless nights.

In addition, she said her concern increased on Wednesday saying that a car she didn’t know kept following her.

“The car kept flashing its lights at me and wanted me to stop and wanted to go in front to block my way but I stepped on the gas and entered the SGR gate,” she recounted.

She added that the SGR officers chased the people who were following her but they ran away and could not be caught.


Following her post, fans have encouraged the singer while also giving her advice on how to handle the situation.

By Stella Anyango

February 10, 2023

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