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Nyota Ndogo speaks out on Bloggers racially discriminating her husband


Coast based singer Nyota Ndogo has come out to caution bloggers against discriminating her husband.

In a post shared on Instagram, the singer said she is not comfortable with people referring to her husband as “Mzungu”

The singer said every time she reads an article with the term “Mzungu” she feels like her husband Henning Nielsen is being discriminated against.

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“Please bloggers, when you want to write about me and my husband, please write Nyota with her husband and not her white man,” she wrote.

She further asked why it is okay for Africans to speak out on being racially discriminated yet back at home they openly refer to whites by their skin color.

“But we Africans feel oppressed when we grow up in people’s lands and then you are called ‘Hey African’ you feel like you are being discriminated against but you feel like calling him white is right,” she added