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Nyumba Kumi Leaders Accused Of Aiding Extrajudicial killings In Mathare


Mathare residents are blaming the community members for helping the police officers in conducting the extra-judicial killings.

Speaking to Ghetto Radio News, Samuel Kiriro a coordinator of the Ghetto Foundation says that there is increase in crime rate.

He also said that they have recorded close to 20 killings of youths less than 25 years in the past one month.

“There is a rampage in the community because we have lost a lot of youths through police killings and all are connected with crime because they are being accused with crime. During the last month we documented close to 20 killings and mostly are youths between the ages of 18 to 25 years,” said Kiriro.

Samuel blamed the members of the community for informing the youths about the youths in the community and their whereabouts.

“There community members are the first perpetrators of the extra-judicial killings because the police officers do not know the youths and their whereabouts but you will find the police officers knowing the exact location of the young men. There is a community policy, village elders and also informers within the community who work close with the police officers,” he added.

The coordinator of the Ghetto Foundation encouraged the community to work together with the youths in order to make them better people in the society.

He also pleaded with the police officers to follow the right process of the law instead of killing the youths.

“The community should be responsible for what they do because one soul is lost it cannot be recovered and the people in community can look for ways to make the youths better people in the society. To the police officers you should follow the law, arrest people and take them to court for them to face the full wrath of the law,” commented Kiriro.

However, Starehe County Commander Julius Kiragu says that the police officers only kill the suspects if they resist arrest or try to fire at the officers.

He also said that they do not work with members of the community because they do investigations before they approach the suspect.

“Our work is intelligent led and of course we get information from people but we do our fact checking to determine the truth of the matter. It is wrong to say that we work with community because we have different units that deal with investigations. We would also like to arrest the criminals and make them face the law but most of them retaliate and that what makes the police officers shoot back,” Said Kiragu.