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Obama’s former friends in Kariokor say Obama owes them a visit

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Jackson Ngugi (middle) explaining his time with Obama in the company of other friends

Retired American President Barrack Obama’s former friends in Nairobi’s Kariokor estate say that the retired president owes them a visit in the area.

This is according toa JacksonNgugi one of the guys who used to hang out with Obama when he visited the country in the early 90s.

“We understood him when he failed to come to Kariokor in 2015 because there was a lot of protocol,” said Ngugi.

He says since Obama is coming back as a private citizen, he needs to at least visit the place that first hosted him in Kenya to relive the memories.

“This is the place he first visited before he went to K’Ogello, so he should also come back on his was back home, ” he added.

Obama stayed in

While in Kariokor, his friends there referred to him as Barry.

They say he was an easy going guy who did not mind trying out the new local drinks despite the dingy places they were being served.

“He says in his book that he struggled with smoking cigarettes, I can confirm that it is indeed true,” says Ngugi.

“Obama ametusahau, lakini najua hajasahau hii mtaa,” said Ngugi.

Obama landed in Kenya on Sunday afternoon at the JKIA.

He then went straight to State House where he met President Uhuru Kenyatta and his sister Auma Obama.


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