In summary
•His exodus comes barely after one year at the station
•He was Jalang’os replacement after the latter exited to pursue politics
•Obinna has mastered speaking in pidgin with many doubting his Kenyan roots for Nigerian

Radio presenter, comedian and singer Thomson Maghana popularly known as Oga Obinna has left Kiss Fm after barely working at the station for one year.

According to an exclusive interview on Mpasho, the funnyman stated that his one year contract lapsed and they reached an agreement not to renew it.

He went further and lauded his experience as one of it’s kind, adding that he was able to accomplish all of his heart desires during his stint.

“I’m no longer at Kiss.I have finished my contract.The experience has been beautiful and I have achieved my dream and did everything i wanted to do.And everything i do from now henceforth will be extra” Stated Obina

Still,he made it clear that he was open to speculations since everyone was entitled to their own opinion.To him, everything is possible and it won’t be a surprise when he pulls a comeback.

“I know the reason as to why i have left so let those who want to speculate do it, it’s their job.Its good vibes all around it and people should not feel bad about it or anything.Its been a nice run and maybe i might come back or maybe i will not.Time will tell” He added further.

Jalang’os Replacement

Obinna rose to host the breakfast show with then co-host Kamene Goro after comedian Jalang’o who held the spot left abruptly to pursue politics.The latter went on to win the Langata seat in his first attempt.

After a series of rigorous trials,Obinna was touted as Jalang’os replacement for his witty character.He assumed the position working with Kamene Goro who was first to bid farewell to the Radio Africa Owned station.

Rumours swirled that Kamene was fired for absenteeism though she vehemently refuted the claims only admitting that her contract had expired.

Fans Reactions

On his Instagram, the message was simple and clear through a cryptic message.

“💋We move✌️” He wrote

His legion of followers could not help as the news dawned on them.

“Hivi ndo umetoka kiss wewe…😂😂such a cryptic message…we move regardless” fired one fan

“All the best…nikiskia mahali nitakushtua bro”shot another fane

“Na rada ni gani mnafukuzwa kama ma coach wa Chelsea 😂” flew another comment.

Despite being Kenyan,Obinna has mastered and built his brand such that many still believe he’s Nigerian for his pidgin fluency.

Prior to joining Kiss FM,Obinna had also worked at Easy Fm as a radio presenter.

We now wait to see ‘our brodas’ next move.

By Steve Osaka.

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