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Obinna Receives Backlash For Bonoko’s

Comedian and Kiss Fm presenter Oga Obinna has come under heavy criticism for ridiculing fellow Ghetto Radio Presenter James Kang’ethe popularly known as Bonoko Deh.

Netizens weren’t amused by Obinna’s theatrics as he turned up for his breakfast show dressed in tattered clothes,barefoot, with a glue bottle in hand while carrying a sack to depict Bonoko’s life before fame.

“Huyo sio mwizi, huyo sio mwizi, alikuwa anauza nyama pale ngara sasa wakamkutiria wakamtoa mbio alafu wakamwekelea bonoko, huyo sio mwizi namjua sio mwizi” Obinna imitated Bonoko partly.

He then proceeds to request the song that was made from Bonoko’s witness account from police shooting , he jams to it while showing signs of high intoxication from the glue sniffing.

Many have termed Obinna as ‘trying too hard’ in seeking relevance. Other’s have also seen him as a person lacking compassion for street urchins who have to contend with the harsh street life.

To show their disappointment,they flocked the commentary section and poured their anger.

“Bonoko is now an ICON ata kama ni ku force hapa @ogaobinna uko njee” fired djdoubletrouble254

“This guy is now becoming irrelevant 😒” shot 09_thewoo

“This is so wrong on all levels” wrote tonia_beauty_parlour

“This guy Oga Obinna has gone too far, they’re out there not because they want but because of situation… Stop imitating everything in the name of creating hype and gaining fans, how about this, why don’t you go to the street and live like them even just for a week and come tell us the lessons to not just their grooming, we want more.. NKT👿💩” Read another comment.

It’s not the first time for Obinna to be out of order with his shenanigans. In 2020, the funnyman took it far when he ridiculed Tanzanian actress Tausi Mdegela as not deserving of love.Obinna had questioned why a man would impregnate Tausi who has dwarfism.

“Boychild has no limits chisos! @joemuchiri@blakaende who did this?” read Obinna’s post.

For this, Obinna got a thrashing but it seems he’s yet to learn on what to make jokes on.

Meanwhile,Ghetto Radio’s Bonoko Deh has not talked on the issue.A look on his social media platforms revealed a man dedicated to bring smiles to homeless families as he planned his coming children’s home tour on the 4th of December at Young Life Africa Children Home in Ruiru.

Thereafter, on the same day he heads for an explosive show at the Kenyan Tanzanian border Namanga at Reflector Lounge alongside his drive show ‘Goteana’ host Qevoh De Vokeh.

Talk of minding ones business.

By Steve Osaka


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