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  • Ochingli The Goat brings Kisumu Sheng to light.
  • His runaway hit delves on the happenings during funeral discos popularly known as ‘Disco Matanga’.
  • Ochingli is one of the artist’s who has killed the ‘2003 sexy lady riddim’.

Ochingli The Goat has shot through the musical world with his tune dubbed “Disco Matanga” bringing out Kisumu’s Sheng to light.

“Disco Matanga” delves on the intrigues of ‘Funeral Disco’s’ which are more popular in Western and Nyanza regions.

The song is laced on the ‘2003 Sexy Lady Riddim’ with Ochingli effortlessly bouncing to it. He kicks off his rap with an intro filled with repetition announcing his arrival while seeking to know where his pals conduct their ‘Girls Hunting’.

“Isero Kanye, tera gi radar, Isero kanye, Isero kanye, tera gi form Isero kanye” he raps partly.

As the chorus comes through, Ochingli notes that his seduction ground is the ‘Disco Matanga’. With witty lines he reveals that he’s a darling of the women with his killer dance spotlight.

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However, he further discloses that he took a short break to blow a few smokes and got accosted by a panga wielding monster.

The moment soon turns to a running battle as he takes off fearing for his dear life. Fleeing in darkness, he meets a night runner who scares the hell out of him.

“Asero e disco matanga amiel e taya kendo nyiri moko ranga (ooh my God) awuok adhi madho njaka alafu nigga moro luwa gi opanga” he raps partly.

With a rhyme scheme out of this world, Ochingli further invokes a great play of musicality through wordplay and repetition.

While the second verse gets on, he adds that he’s a big shot living his best life after putting in hard work.

The song’s visualizer is simple with a matching storyline.

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Sexy Lady Riddim

So far, Ochingli is one of the artists who’ve done justice to the ‘2003 Sexy Lady Riddim’.

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Other stars who’ve also mashed up the riddim include Stoopid Boy, Breeder Lw, Mejja, spoiler and Gody Tennor in G Bag A Jat remix, Maandy in Lele and YBW Smith among others.


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