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Ochunglo Family high in latest Jam dubbed ‘Ngwai’

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Gengetone group Ochunglo family have dropped yet another song that has left tongues wagging.

The song dubbed ‘Ngwai’ premiered on Youtube on 11th December and has already garnered close to 40k views.

Just like their colleagues Sailors gang with Wakiritho, Ochunglo family’s new jam is about marijuana, aka Weed, aka Maryjane aka Ngwai, aka Shtundu aka Bangi depending on where you come from.

The group has joined thousands of activists calling for the leglization of weed and have used a well known household tune to do it.

“Ngwaii is the Medicine fi di Nation. Legalize di natural healing. If you know you know. WATAGWAAAN!!” reads the tagline under their song on Youtube

The song is performed by Ochunglo family’s Dmore, Benzema and Nellythegoon and was recorded at Up n Up studios.

The video has a classroom set up that opens with a bunch of ‘students’ smoking the holy herb as they call it.

Throughout the song, the group showers weed with so much praises at one point even Benzema saying his first love was weed.

Check out the song below:


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