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Octopizzo bashed for Smoking Weed In Public

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Celebrated Rapstar Henry Ohanga popularly known as Octopizzo has been roasted by netizens for posting a video while puffing Marijuana.

Octopizzo smoking weed. PHOTO/COURTESY

This is not the first time for Octopizzo is seen promoting the outlawed drug.

In one of Octopizzo’s Video featuring Gengetone group Sailors in the song – Wakiritho,they openly enjoy their blunts while also showcasing vases with overgrown Mary Jane.

Netizens are being angered by Octopizzo for promoting moral decay instead of being the custodian.

They argue that for someone who has over the years been an Ambassador for the youth courtesy of the United Nations would be needed in the frontline to fight for a Marijuana free Society.

However there are those who showed open support for the star noting that he is a grown man and free to do what pleases him.

In 2020 Dec 2nd World Health Organization(W.H.O)through the Commission of Narcotic Drugs_C.N.D removed Cannabis from where it was listed alongside other deadly opioid.


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