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Octopizzo shades Khaligraph for celebrating 1 million views


For the longest time rappers Khaligraph Jones and Octopizzo have been rumored to have beef.

However on some rare occasions the two have lauded each other’s work, it is not yet clear if their beef is real or it is a pure case of showbiz.

Over the weekend, Khaligraph shared a post appreciating fans for the Million views on his latest jam Khali Cartel 3.

A fan then  commented under the post tagging Octo while at the same time shading Khaligraph for celebrating the views.

“@octopizzo, ndugu wa kayole anaringa na kutrend hajui wewe ulimake two million views within 24 hours” wrote the fan

Octo then responded to the fan saying he hit two million views two years back adding that the OG should catch up to his speed.

“Na hiyo ilikuwa 2 years ago, vitu zinafurahisha wanaume kenya saa zingine…niko cha mbele waongeze speedi” he wrote