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Octopizzo storms Rapper’s house with cops after he was dissed online

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Rapper Henry Ohanga popularly known as Octopizzo allegedly stormed rapper Breeder LW’s house with cops.

In a video shared on Twitter, Breeder revealed that Octo showed up at his (Breeder’s) house on Monday morning with cops trying to intimidate him.

According to Breeder, the Octopizzo who was in the company of three officers accused him of Assasination of character sic!

“Today morning #Octopizzo came to my residence , accompanied by 3 armed men PURPORTING to be officers of the law and questioned me on claims of assassination of character…” Breeder wrote

Breeder said the three officers together with Octopizzo drove him around Nairobi, took his phone and deleted his social media posts.

He added that they even posted an apology to Octopizzo using his phone purporting to be him.

“They then drove me around Nairobi , took my phone , deleted my posts and posted an apology purporting to me . After which they dumped me at Adams Arcade at exactly 4pm. I would like to inform and assure my loyal supporters that I’am of good health however I fear for my life…” he added

In the now viral video, Breeder is heard asking to talk to Octo who then goes on to say he had nothing to talk to Breeder about.

Octo is heard saying how Breeder disrespected his grandfather in post that has since been deleted.

Tuchapiane na mimi aje, mimi nataka udelete hiyo staff, mi ujinga sitaki, ujinga tu ndo sitaki. Ohanga ni Kuka yangu, huyo ni msee nampea respect sana na alikuwa karao… sai hata najua umeshituka sana nimejua keja yako aje, mimi hadi najua mahali ul;ikuwa unaishi huko down, mimi najua hizi streets.” Octo says in the video

For the past few days, Khaligraph Jones and Breeder Lw have been throwing shade at Octopizzo over allegations of buying YouTube views.

In one post, Breeder referred to Octo as ‘Ohanga the parrot’ however the post has since been pulled down.

After being freed, Breeder now says that Octo was wrong to go after him and has vowed to take the beef to another level.

Octopizzo has been facing backlash online after he allegedly bought Youtube views to his new song Nikupate leaving fans baffled.

Is this another publicity stunt or is there genuine beef between Breeder and Octo?



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