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  • Octopizzo savagely claps back at Khaligraph for mentioning his name during an interview.
  • Khaligraph had stated that Octopizzo has never liked him.

Octopizzo has fired a warning at fellow rapper Khaligraph to stop mentioning his name during interviews.

The namba nane rapper further added that he will soon fix Khaligraph in his right place.

“Naskia bado kuna fala flani aja acha kunitaja taja kwa ma interview…Unachokitafuta utakipata very soon. Kunja kunja mdomo hio side ingine nani. Acha nimalizane na waterfalls kwanza” Tweeted Octopizzo.

Fans Reactions

Octopizzo’s tweet got tongues wagging with many having divergent opinions.

We sampled a few.

“Hauezi piga Khaligraph bro”

“Ungeingia studio umjibie huko”

“Na si ni ukweli kwani alidanganya…Kaskie vibaya na ukooo grudge za kitambo achia ma new rappers”

“The same way you can’t help but respond to him. Anyways he doesn’t just talk about you, blame the interviewers, they ask the questions”

A few days ago, Khaligraph told comedian Oga Obinna that Octopizzo has never liked him.

According to the Mazishi rapper, he had no problem with that since it portrays his character.

“Sijui anipendangi huyo boyz, hajawahi nipenda tu lakini unajua kuna mtu unaeza feel hupendi unajua na huwezi mblame ulizaliwa hivo” Said Khaligraph

He further added that he has outlived beefing while getting older.

Chronology Of The Beef

Octopizzo and Khaligraph’s beef stems back from their days as underground rappers.

The two had a near altercation during a rap battle at W.A.P.I in which Khaligraph carried the day.

Octopizzo couldn’t match Khaligraph’s mastery and delivery as fans booed him while Khaligraph earned admiration.

That marked the start of their beef which has sprawled over the years.

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However, Khaligraph toned down after having a successful run.

Over the years, Khaligraph has shown his willingness for a collaboration with Octopizzo but the latter has never yielded.

Nonetheless, the two remains as leading lights as far as Hip hop is concerned.

Is Octopizzo right in clinging to their decade long beef?

Drop a comment.

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