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ODM claims lives of MCAs supporting Obado’s impeachment in danger


ODM Party leadership is now accusing Migori Governor Okoth Obado of threatening MCAs who are supporting his impeachment.

ODM Party Chairman, claims that the lives of the 27 MCAs who had signed up for a motion to impeach Obado are in danger.

Mbadi is now appealing to the DCI to beef up the security for these MCAs until the impeachment process is finished.

“We are aware that the governor is planning to convene a cabinet meeting in his office tomorrow, which means he is trying to hang in office,” said Mbadi.

Migori County Assembly MCAs however seem divided with the Majority Leader vowing to block the impeachment motion.

Mbadi on Tuesday claimed that at least 27 MCAs had supported the impeachement of the governor who is facing murder and corruption charges.