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Of campus girls and “sponsors”

Of campus girls and "sponsors"

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It has somehow become a norm to spot campus girls in old wazee’s club over the weekend dressed in skimpy clothes trying to attract the attention of that hawk eyed mzee.

Most campus students join their various schools at first year level very innocent and somehow down to earth but sadly all hell breaks loose from second year onward.

Many of these girls try to upgrade to the kind of lifestyle their colleagues at third year and fourth year live. They want to dorn the most expensive clothes,shoes and even hair that their own pocket money cannot get them.

This habit of pleasing old men to live a lavish lifestyle is not really a new thing, there were days when campus girls referred to these old “serviced ATMs” as ‘SUGAR DADDIES’

If you also happen to be a frequent visitor to online dating sites, then you will definitely realize that there is a lot going on in campuses than meets the eye.

Apparently, there are hundreds of family men who would rather date campus girls than stay home with their own aging wives.

Some could be the so called sponsors while others consider theirs to be open-minded relationships.
Some girls on the other hand simply admit they prefer the old-school way of doing things rather than how the young guys on campus.

Courting protocols have really changed a lot over time. At least the generation of men that did it the right way has a better idea how girls should be treated when dating.

It could probably be lack of a father figure while growing up or parental neglect pushing them to seek consolation from fatherly men who will treat them like the princesses they had always wanted to be. But at what a cost!

However not all campus girls embrace such habits, some would rather hustle to the last coin to be able to fend for themselves.

The issue of campus girls and old men is a subject that can never be fully understood nor completely erased. It only goes on to portray a society that is rotten and continuing to rot.



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