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Of Exposures and free coffee- City restaurant ArtCafe faces KOT’s wrath


City Restaurant is on the receiving end after unveiling their new competition online.

According to the chain of restaurants, they have unveiled a new competition for creatives to design their new take away mug.

However netizens have raised concern over the issue with the reward they are offering to the winner of the competition.

According the post, the winner gets two months internship at Art Café and a free one year supply of coffee.

“ANNOUNCING our #ARTofthecity competition! Calling all creatives of the city…help us jazz up our take-away coffee cup and WIN BIG with Artcaffé! Read the competition details below, and ENTER! Tag your artistic friends and spread the word!….Exhibition space in one of our restaurants for 2 months or an internship with the Artcaffe Design Team for 2 months. And free coffee for a year! A total of 365 coffees redeemed at 1 a day.” Read the post

Netizens are now calling out the restaurant’s management for offering to pay creatives in exposure and coffee citing difficult times as a result of Covid-19.


Elayne Okaya: Shame on you Artcaffe. No really, shame on you. 1 coffee a day for a year is Kes 91,250. Offer that instead of a cup of coffee that no one needs. Also, you know the winner won’t be able to redeem every day, that’s why you offered this. Respect creatives, they deserve to be paid.

Child of a King: Thank you for valuing the designers and creators. However, can the exposure be money especially because of the pandemic and you will surely shine with the products. Unless the designer name will be on the cups too next to your logo

Julian Wanjiru: I hope the person(s) who came up with this strategy is also paid with coffee and exposure. On the real though, just retreat, apologize then re-strategize. Mistakes happen, we just need to own up and rectify.

Mesho Nyaribo: @ArtcaffeKenya Say it louder. If it was easy their internal design team can do it. Can the winning designer also give 1 piece of the design each day like a puzzle? Exposure is not currency.