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Of music producers selling the same beats to different artistes!

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Kenyan singer Kelechi Africana is an angry man after KRG the don dropped his latest song Giddem featuring Arrow Bwoy.

In a post shared on his Instagram page, Kelechi revealed that he had worked with producer Ilogos on the beats KRG used.

He revealed he had actually intended to get in the studio this week to record his song this week and was surprised when KRG’s song was released with the same beats.

“Why give out my beat @ilogosmusic yani mabazuu wanaskizishwa beat na unasikizisha mpaka mtu aliimba tena unajua mtu wako na unatumia tu beat yake mazeee. hata kama ngoma nikali hio sio kitu poa fanyieni watu wengine lakini sio home ground mazeee” Kelechi wrote

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According to a video of his conversation with Ilogos, Kelechi’s manager JB had not paid for the project and that is why he sold it to another artiste.

“Yaani bro beat yangu umeamua upeane bro? like seriously na hata mi nilikua nimepanga nikuje next week na dooh ndio niachie weekend maze. Sasa hizo ndio gani?” Kelechi said

Ilogos then responds that JB owes him a lot of money and he decided to move on.

“Your manager JB refused to pay for projects and he owes me a lot of money. So I decided to move on?” read Ilogos’ response

Kelechi now says he no longer works with manager JB and that the whole mix up has really set him back.